Friday, August 10, 2012

Catching you up on the Tranzactionz

Here's a recap of the Tranzactionz that have gone down in the last 15 hours:

George Springer from Lancaster to Corpus.
Delino DeShields from Lexington to Corpus (Wait. It's Lancaster.).
J.D. Martinez from Houston to Oklahoma City.
Matt Downs to Oklahoma City.

Via What the Heck, Bobby:
2B Jose Fernandez from Corpus to OKC
2B Kike Hernandez from Lancaster to Corpus
RP Kenny Long from Tri-City to Lancaster
OF Andrew Aplin from Tri-City to Lancaster

Obviously this is a much-needed shuffle at the major-league level. During this epic time of losing (June 28-present), Martinez hit .231/.277/.314 with 25K:8BB and seven extra-base hits in 130 plate appearances. Downs has hit .259/.306/.379 in the same span, with three extra-base hits and two walks in 63 plate appearances.

Moves have to be made, and it's not like the Astros are trying to find out any more about 2012.

Meanwhile, the prospects move up. DeShields, in a repeat year at Lexington (where he'll be just 20 years old next week), was hitting .298/.401/.439 with 83 steals. George Springer, who reaches Double-A in 533 career plate appearances, was hitting .316/.398/.557 for Lancaster - with 131 strikeouts in 500 plate appearances, in addition to 28 stolen bases.

Get used to it, Astros fans. There's a lot of losing left this season - though with an eye toward winning on the horizon.


Cockroach said...
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Chris said...

Who the F is 2B Kike Hernandez? I see an OFer named Enrique Hernandez, but no record anywhere of a "Kike."

Astros County said...

Enrique Hernandez's nickname is "Kike," pronounced "Key-Kay*"

* - hopefully

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

Not sure why he's showing anywhere as an OF this year. Enrique "Kike" Hernandez has spent about 90% of his time this year at 2B, and 70% of his minor league career has been at 2B.

Anonymous said...

Like the idea of giving DDJ and Springer a brief look at the next level; I expect Springer will struggle, but he might as well get an idea of the adjustments he'll need to make right now.

Still think Martinez can play; hopefully he'll get his groove back at OKC. It will also be nice to remember what winning a few games feels like.

Last year it looked like Downs might be able to establish himself as an top pinch-hitter and utility man; but while he's added a little power, his overall hitting and defense have regressed dramatically. However, one thing that Matt (and every player on the team) cannot say is that he didn't get a chance. There are dozens of competent players in AAA that have battled for years in the minors and never gotten the chance at the major league level that the Astros have given so many guys this year; unfortunately, only a few such as Harrell & Maxwell, have taken advantage.