Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Morning Link Dump

Plenty of stuff from the Astros beat writers for your reading pleasure this morning.

*From the Chronicle's Zachary LevineJeff Luhnow says the salary savings from this month's trades mean the Astros "will be active" in this winter's free agent market, though not "bidding on the big-name" guys.

*From MLB.com's Brian McTaggart: Jed Lowrie is still booted, but Jason Castro is feeling better and hoping to return... soonish.

*From FS Houston's MoiseKapenda Bower: "It's nice to have some sizzle, but we're looking for the steak." Great read on the philosophy going into Luhnow's recent (and possible upcoming) moves.

*Lost under the trade avalanche over the weekend, Levine reported that Luhnow said the White Sox PTBNL will be a significant part of the Myers deal.

*Not from an Astros writer, but also from the weekend, Ken Rosenthal was told that it "will be a while" before Wandy gets dealt.