Friday, July 27, 2012

Trade Chatter: Friday

A few trade-related links, with the deadline still 4.5 days away:

*Jeff Luhnow told Brian McTaggart on Wednesday that the Astros are done "stimulating any dialogues" on further trades, but they are still listening if other teams call.

*On that point, ESPN's Jayson Stark says that he hears everyone on Houston's roster except Jose Altuve is "up for grabs."

*Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports has a not-entirely-flattering look at Luhnow's recent moves, though he concludes "there wasn't much more the Astros could have done."


Anonymous said...

The article by Rosenthal was well balanced. All I ever hear is the positive spin, but the negative view is certainly a plausible view, especially the point about losing 120 and why this is acceptable. However, I think Luhnow accounts himself well in the article.

I suspect behind the scenes and remaining unspoken by Luhnow is a salary dump aspect to all the recent moves. I wonder why the press hasn't pursued that angle. You know, "why should next year's salary begin with a 5?" and "why is a franchise in the fourth largest market with an upcoming TV deal acting like a very small market franchise?"

Anonymous said...

Maybe a big/somewhat big splash in free agency to bring in the switch to the AL.

OF Josh Hamilton/Melky Cabrera/Michael Bourn/Cody Ross

SP Zack Greinke/Colby Lewis

Anonymous said...

Take a) a major league roster with fading veterans plus bad contracts and b) a farm system denuded by bad drafting, loss of high picks due to bad FA signings and being the only team to respect Bud Selig's salary slotting guidelines for bonuses, and this is what you get....still will always respect Luhnow for taking on the job when other front office "stars" ran away because it was too tough for them....but it's gonna be a long, hard road back to respectability...