Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rosenthal talks Astros

Ken Rosenthal had a few Astros notes this morning:

While the Cardinals ponder their next move after they now know Chris Carpenter needs season-ending surgery, Rosenthal thinks perhaps Wandy or Myers make logical trade partners.

The Astros were willing to include "significant cash" to get Lee to LA and get Garrett Gould in return, but Carlos Lee balked at California's state income tax rate, and that was a reason he didn't love the idea of going to the Dodgers. Had Lee at least acted like he wanted to play in LA, the Dodgers apparently would have helped bridge the gap.

California's state income tax, for people who make over $1m, is 10.3% - and that's in addition to the 35% that the federal government would take. So Lee didn't want to go for what would be about $910,000.

Jed Lowrie, Rosenthal also notes, is essentially unavailable.

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