Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fontana signs, with updated math

2nd Round pick Nolan Fontana is apparently in Houston for a physical.

Update: Fontana has signed, and McTaggart says the deal is for $875,000. Recommended slot for the 61st overall pick is $844,100. He'll report directly to Lexington.

The updated math is here, but the short version says that the Astros have $67,500 left in their bonus pool, with 7-219 Preston Tucker and 8-249 Tyler Heineman (who has apparently signed, with terms not yet disclosed) coming in with a combined recommended slot of $291,800.

If - and this is a big if - the Astros sign both to the exact slot recommendation, they'll have to pay a 75% tax on every dollar over the bonus pool, but wouldn't lose a draft pick. For math's sake, let's say the Astros sign both Tucker and Heineman for slot, and they overshoot their pool by $224,300. This would result in the Astros paying an extra $168,225 in the overage tax, or $392,525.

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