Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lyles up, Downs down

Jordan Lyles will start today's series finale against the Reds, and to make room for him, Matt Downs has been optioned to Oklahoma City. And that move is raising some eyebrows.

Also, in the first link, we find that Jeff Luhnow is interested in Cuban OF Jorge Soler:
"It would be safe to say that we're looking into it. We like the player, and it's just a matter of how much competition there is going to be and where it's going to end up, but we're definitely looking into it."


Deputy Jason said...

I'm all in on Cuban imports. What's the bidding going to start at?

Astros County said...

Good question - and one I have absolutely no idea even where to start.

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

When he was rumored to have signed with the Cubs a few months ago it was 27.5 million for three or four years.

Of course, that ended up being a false report, so take it with a grain of salt.

Imasalmon said...

I expect the price will be around what Cespedes got. The $9MM AAV sounds about right.