Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20th Draft Update

Hey, here's a couple of interesting links for you:

4-129 Rio Ruiz is still negotiating with the Astros, and the LA Times says it "could go either way." Rudy (Rio's father) Ruiz:
We're trying to make it work."

The Astros and NC State got into a sort of bidding war over 6th Rounder Brett Phillips. After the Astros selected Phillips, NC State came back to him with a new scholarship plan. Ultimately, the Astros offered Phillips what NC State couldn't: Straight cash, homey.
"From the people that I know who went to that college, one of their sells to me was the college experience. And when I think of that I think of partying and drinking and that’s not me. I’m going to play baseball full time, no distractions. Plus, I am getting paid, I can’t beat that.”

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Blazemule said...

Come on Rio, lets get this done with enough money left over to sign Virant!