Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Perhaps there will be a marriage announcement in the New York Times, when (and it certainly sounds like When and not If) Clemens rejoins the Astros organization in some capacity.

"We'll see what he wants to do. It's really up to Roger. Once he gets rested and gets this behind him, we'll sit down and talk to him and we'll see how he sees himself fitting in with the organization moving forward."

Rusty Hardin:
"Roger has an incredible passion for baseball. For 4 1/2 years, baseball treated Roger like a pariah. Jim Crane joins the Boston Red Sox as the only people that haven't kept their distance from him."

"I'm under contract with the Astros and I love coming home. I can do whatever that man asks me to do. I can approach that with no reservations and help the guys that need help, give them encouragement and speak to their ability and their mind to go out and be a Major League player and that's what I do best."

(Read the Clemens link for more on the Hall of Fame, Clemens' view of the government, etc.)

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