Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here's hoping that the Astros make adjustments quicker in 2013

Moisekapenda Bower's piece on last night's "performance" against Luke Hochevar highlighted the largely inexperienced Astros' lineup, and how they weren't really able to make the adjustments needed to put together some offense.

Carlos Lee:
"It's tough. Because even when you've got the scouting report, you haven't faced a guy. You don't know what kind of movement he's got, how hard he throws. It's a lot of things that come into play when you haven't faced a guy."

Let's all hope that the Astros don't run into this in 2013, when they will not have faced the majority of the pitchers who will be taking the inferior American League mound...

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Jay said...

Does Crane opt to increase payroll next year with 8-9 sellouts vs. the Rangers and another 6 with the Yankees/Red Sox. Good Rays, Angels, Tigers crowds I'd imagine.

Would definitely like too see a big time OF or DH added