Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday morning link dump

Here you go, friends:

*Brian Bogusevic got a nice little profile in his hometown paper.

*Jose Altuve might not be back until Monday. Mills:
"Nothing is wrong with him. It's just they feel that they want to make sure that he's absolutely right so at the very earliest would probably be Sunday."

*In that link, we read that Wilton Lopez is raising some eyebrows (presumably in a good way) in his bullpen sessions.

*Greg Lucas has some ALL CAPS thoughts about the impending changes to Minute Maid Park.

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Anonymous said...

Nice article from Greg. I share his feelings on pulling the boxes back a bit. Seems like that would counter the removal of the hill (as far as balancing offensive play). Of course, I doubt the Astros would do that because the boxes make a lot of money. And all you have to do is look above the left field wall to see that's the real priority of our new owners.