Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carlos Lee Saturday Timeline

Here's the Saturday thread of news and rumors related to Carlos Lee.


7:18pm - Mark Berman: Carlos Lee says he will discuss with his wife whether to accept trade to Dodgers. Says it's "tough to concentrate" and play w/ this.

7:06pm - McTaggart: “That’s why I’ll probably decide by tomorrow. Either I’m going or not,” he said. “I’m going to sit down and talk to my wife tonight.”

12:36pm - Olney: Source: As of early afternoon today, Carlos Lee continues to tell the Astros he won't waive his no-trade clause.

12:30pm - A lot of good observations about Lee's next contract at risk with him accepting this trade. Morosi: If Carlos Lee wants to maximize his free agent value, he will accept this trade to #Dodgers. And ESPN 97.5 (and AC's favorite comedian) John Wessling: If Carlos Lee shoots down trade, it basically means he'll retire and end of year, because what GM wants a guy who didn't want to contend?

11:58am - McTaggart: Carlos Lee: “L.A. has made an offer. I just told Jeff I want to see my options. I just want to wait and see what my options are.”

11:56am - Levine: Lee has not been given a deadline to accept deal.

11:46am - McTaggart: The Astros and Dodgers have a deal in place, and Lee is considering whether to accept it.

11:34am - Zachary Levine: Carlos Lee is in today's lineup.

10:24am - Jon "Ugh" Heyman: "The Astros 'will do cartwheels' if Carlos Lee accepts a trade to the Dodgers, one person familiar with their thinking said."

9:56am - Olney: The Astros do have some leverage: They could tell Lee they intend to go with their young players, and that he won't have a lot of opportunities for at-bats the rest of the summer -- as he prepares for free agency in the fall.

Rosenthal breaks down Carlos Lee's no-trade clause

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