Monday, June 4, 2012

Bowden: Astros likely taking Appel

Jim Bowden tweeted out yesterday afternoon that, according to a source, the Astros are expected to take Mark Appel with this evening's #1 overall pick.

We're not going to put much stock into rumors like this throughout the day, simply because it feels as though Luhnow is running such a tight ship that media types feel like they have to come up with something. Later on, we'll run down who thinks the Astros are picking Appel, and who thinks they're picking Buxton.

Luhnow, eight hours after Bowden's tweet:
“We’re still talking about the players, which ones are in play for 1-1, which ones are in play for 41, which ones are in play for the top of the second round, third round, etc., and fine-tuning that list.”

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