Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tyler Burnett released?

Via What the Heck, Bobby, we find that (in addition to Ross Seaton getting sent back to Corpus, replaced at OKC by Jonnathan Aristil) Lexington's Tyler Burnett has been released.

The 17th-Round draft pick in 2010 hit .250/.363/.392 for Tri-City (45 walks in 312PAs), earning a shot at Lexington in 2011, where he hit .249/.324/.347 with 21 stolen bases in 24 attempts. In 12 games in 2012 (52 PAs), Burnett has hit .178/.288/.267.

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Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

So surprise about Seaton, it was announced as a spot start to fill in for Paul Clemens all along. He's not ready yet, and his start the other night proved it.

I'm bummed about Tyler as well, but I understand. Zach Johnson has been en fuego so far this year and we have plenty of 1B in our system. As an older player that hasn't improved much, at least statistically, Burnett's the odd man out.