Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Roster Notes

Steve Campbell has your morning update on the roster:

*Bud Norris is ready to go:
“I felt good and ready to get into this, knowing I’m healthy and 100 percent and don’t have that in the back of my head. The No. 1 priority out of spring training is to feel good, and I’m ready to go.”

*Schafer feels good after his first game in two weeks.
(But in this piece, says he's not close to 100%:
"I'm not close to 100 percent. Am I good enough to go out there and play? I think so. That's what today's all about. Hopefully, it will be good enough that I can play and be productive. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks, it will get back to 100 percent again.")

*Lowrie has been upgraded to "possible"

*Shuck was optioned to OKC following last night's game. Mills:
“The one think that Shuckie does is give us good quality at-bats every time out, and that’s huge. We’re going to see him probably fairly quickly. We hope he goes down there in the right frame of mind — and there’s no reason to think he won’t — and gets back here in a hurry.”

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