Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Johnson, Weiland are full of confidence

Over here, we see that Chris Johnson and Kyle Weiland both dealt with over- and under-confidence in 2011.

Johnson, on 2011:
"A lot of things happened last year. I didn't quite make the adjustments as early as I should have. I may have gotten a little cocky, and thought I was just going to come in last year and do it again. That's one thing I learned. You never want to get comfortable here. You have to keep working every single day."

And for Weiland? He called his wife and parents first, before dishing out the wisdom:
"You have to have confidence in this game no matter what your situation is. I knew there was a chance I could break [camp] with the team. I knew there was good talent I was going against to win a spot. The biggest thing for me was not to try to do too much."

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