Friday, April 13, 2012

Lowrie hitting 2nd tonight

So the lineup for G7 is up, and Jed Lowrie is hitting 2nd (ending that debate), with Altuve dropping all the way down to 8th.

1. Schafer
2. Lowrie
3. Martinez
4. Lee
5. Bogusevic
6. Johnson
7. Castro
8. Altuve
9. Harrell

Anyone have a problem with the way the lineup is constructed?


Anonymous said...


If Lowrie is going to hit 2nd then this is a classic opportunity to have Altuve hit 9th with the pitcher hitting 8th

Altuve in the 8 hole is a squandered talent

Terence said...

This is typical Astros failure. Altuve is our second baseman of the future, he's our second baseman of the present, and he's a prototypical #2 hitter. He should be hitting #2 for the next decade. Lowrie might be our SS for the next 18 months, maybe, if he stays healthy that long. There is 0 reason to move Altuve out of the 2 hole, especially considering his sucess there. Hit Lowrie fifth if you want, 30 ST AB's shoudln't have us rearranging our lineup.

AstroBrit said...

At least Altuve will have plenty of RBI opportunities

Reuben said...

"Terence said...

This is typical Astros failure."

Oh please. I'm as glad as anybody to see Altuve showing much-improved patience so far this year, but you act as if batting him 8th for a while (I highly doubt it'll last the season) will in some way ruin him or stunt his development. He is in the lineup- that's the main thing for his development- and, in mnay cases, letting a young player (isn't Altuve the youngest player in MLB right now?) learn in a low-pressure spot in the lineup is ideal.