Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lowrie activated, Bixler sent down

Jed Lowrie has been activated from the DL, and Brian Bixler has been sent to OKC.

We didn't get to see much of Brian Bixler - just 7PAs - but he got a hit, walked, and struck out three times.

What I'm most interested in seeing is where Mills will put Lowrie in the lineup. Originally it was thought that Lowrie would be the #2 hitter but Jose Altuve, in six short games, has been solid at the #2-hole - getting on base 10 times in 23 PAs. Lowrie has spent most of his time at #6 or #7, so we could see the following:

1. Schafer
2. Altuve
3. Martinez
4. Lee
5. Johnson
6. Bogusevic
7. Lowrie
8. Castro / Snyder
9. Pitcher



OremLK said...
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OremLK said...

Lowrie is a better hitter than either Bogusevic or Johnson. I'm fine with him in the 5 hole.

Terence said...

Are we sure about that? Looking at available statistics I see nothing that makes me believe Lowrie is a better hitter than Johnson. Personally I would have Johnson hitting 5. I wonder why Mills has left him #6, maybe it is a comfort thing. Bogusevic has significantly fewer MLB AB's so I don't think we can say anything significant about him, but I certainly hope his second week of the season is better than the first.