Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Like a surfer, you've got to ride the wave and keep going"

Here's a good article from Greg Rajan about Brandon Barnes and the ridiculous start he's had to his 2012 season. The above quote is from Barnes himself.

The average line for batting in the Texas League (in which average age is 24, and Barnes will be 26 next month) is .249/.322/.395, with 34.1% of hits going for extra-bases, and a 2.41 K:BB ratio.

Barnes is hitting .419/.448/.823, with 65.4% of his hits going for extra-bases.

What's preventing him from moving on up? Well, other than that the season is about three weeks old, Oklahoma City is running an outfield of J.B. Shuck, Fernando Martinez, and Justin Ruggiano out on a daily basis, with Brad Snyder getting the occasional appearance. I'd be interested in seeing Barnes replace Ruggiano, but there's no harm in seeing if what Barnes is doing is legit, for a little while longer.

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