Monday, April 23, 2012

Jeff Luhnow checked in on Byron Buxton

Jason Churchill mentions in this ESPN recap that Jeff Luhnow checked in on potential 1-1 pick Byron Buxton, the HS OF from GA, over the weekend.

ESPN's Kiley McDaniel has an (Insider-Only) scouting report up on Buxton from Saturday. Still, here's an interesting note:
The interesting thing I found, which is a concept worthy of its own article, is that the scouts who are bearish on Buxton tend to be scouts who currently or recently worked in player development and pro scouting. The guys that have him as a slam dunk number one pick tend to be scouts that do predominantly amateur scouting.

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Blazemule said...

Mr. Luhnow, please steer clear and draft one of the three top flight pitchers.