Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jason Lane, pitcher

Former Astro Jason Lane has officially made the transition from outfielder to reliver.

“I wasn’t getting many at-bats the last few seasons as an outfielder and I was a little frustrated. I felt like the last couple years I spent in Triple-A haven't come with too many opportunities to play, so when Kevin Towers gave me an opportunity I decided to take it.”

Here's an interesting note:
(Lane) swung the bat so well he was drafted as an outfielder by the Astros in the sixth round.

Lane was told at the time if it didn’t work out as a hitter he could go back to pitching. It worked out, as Lane made it to the major leagues in 2002 and hit 26 home runs for Houston in 2005, when the Astros went to the World Series.

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