Monday, April 9, 2012

Fragile things are not safe in our presence

You won't believe this, but Travis Buck is taking J.D. Martinez's place in the lineup tonight against Brandon Beachy.

Alyson Footer:
Mills has stated that he wants to work in the bench guys early for a start. That is likely why Buck is playing in addition to being LH.

So it's:
1. Schafer - CF
2. Altuve - 2B
3. Buck - LF
4. Lee - 1B
5. Bogusevic - RF
6. Johnson - 3B
7. Castro - C
8. Gonzalez - SS
9. Happ - P

Righties have hit Beachy for a .238/.300/.363 line, while lefties hit him for a .241/.313/.388, an OPS difference of 37 points favoring LHBs.

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