Friday, April 27, 2012

ESPN: Minute Maid has crap baseball, but good music

So here's the lede from this ESPN article about the Astros DJ, Nunee Oakes:
Let's be clear: Minute Maid Park is not a good place to catch a first-class baseball game and hasn't been for some time, dating back to ‘05 when the Astros won the National League championship. Coming off one of the worst seasons in Major League Baseball in which the Astros posted a franchise-worst 56-106 record, they aren't providing much enjoyment.

Well, ahem, okay. Anyway, there are stories about Brad Ausmus throwing a ball at the booth to change the music, and Jose Lima getting pissed because Oakes didn't play the right song. So read it, I suppose. Or don't.


Anonymous said...

I didn't read the article because screw ESPN, but you have to be delusional to think that Minute Maid doesn't have tons of bad baseball played there. To say that 2005 was the last time good baseball was played at MMP would be completely incorrect though. The 2006-2008 teams were all decent, and the team would've made the playoffs in 2008 if not for that bastard Ike.

That being said, MMP is not a first-class place to watch a ballgame. The stadium is just awful. From the train, to the flagpole, to the stucco bricks, to the hill, to the roof overrun with algae, it's a complete eyesore. Of the stadiums opened since the turn of the century, it has to be the absolute worst.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong about MMP. Simple as that. I agree the whole Union Station theme is lame for a team called the Astros... But other than that it's been one of the best venues I've seen to take in a ballgame. Almost everywhere I've sat has been a good view of the action. What more can you ask of a ballpark?