Friday, April 13, 2012

Brett Wallace talks to The Oklahoman

Brett Wallace did an interview with The Oklahoman yesterday and, among other things, talked about his approach at the plate:

“I just try to stay through baseballs and if they pitch them middle, middle away, you have to try to stay through them so I try to stay the other way. I've worked really hard on being able to hit a few balls on the pull side now, too. You just got to go with the pitch wherever it is.”

On what he wants to show the Astros during this stretch in OKC:
“I think just to keep working hard and show them some consistency. I think that's the biggest thing they want to see, consistent run production. I think if I do that I will have another shot.”

In seven games with OKC this season, he's hitting .241/.290/.448 with 6RBI on seven hits. Four of those seven hits have been for extra-bases (3 doubles, 1 homer).