Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Astros hit with a lawsuit

Dewey Powell, of Spring, was enjoying himself at a day game at Minute Maid Park on April 7, 2010 (10-4 loss to the Giants), when he slipped down a ramp. He's now suing the Astros for damages and court costs for failure to provide fans with a safe stadium environment.

Powell says on April 7, 2010, he sustained injuries when he slipped and fell down a wet ramp while walking to his seat during a Houston Astros game. According to the brief, a security guard came to his aid and apologized for staff who failed to put up a sign warning of the dangerous condition of the ramp.


Anonymous said...

Dues to the lack of description of the injuries, and no mention of medical treatment, I assume this is a FRIVOLOUS law suit?

Anonymous said...

Also why wait two years?