Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Astros dodged a bullet with this Livan Hernandez fella

Now he's the Barves' problem (not a typo). Because not only is Hernandez losing a decent chunk of change, he's kinda sorta been tied to a Puerto Rican drug lord.

So: Livan owes SunTrust $469,387.22. He also had a Lamborghini Murceliago repossessed that was registered to him, but actually owned by Angel Ayala Vazquez who, last April, was convicted on drug charges relating to his conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin, and pills in public housing projects in San Juan, and sentenced to life in prison.

The linked Washington Times article even says that:
Hernandez, 36, is the target of a Federal money-laundering investigation in connection with the case, where he’s suspected of being a straw-buyer for Ayala Vazquez.

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Blazemule said...

Stay classy Livan...