Friday, March 23, 2012

Report: Berkman apologizes to Selig

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says that Lance Berkman has apparently apologized to Selig over the Extortion remarks.

"I basically apologized for using the word 'extortion.' I had a chance to tell him where I was coming from and he had a chance to explain where he was coming from."

Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt:
"I tried to explain the process and how it played out. The concept was endorsed by the (players') union to have two leagues with 15 teams in each. It was approved by a 30-0 vote of the owners. It's an unfair situation if you have a division like the National League Central, where you have to beat five teams to win it, compared to (the American League West) where you only have to beat three teams. It's more symmetrical — and much fairer — to have three five-team divisions in each league."

Berkman, on Selig - who was not happy:
"Several sources told me he was not pleased with my remarks. I didn't expect him to be. I knew he was going to be a little upset. Having read them and having some time to reflect, I realized there wasn't any need to be quite that over the top."

Now, if Berkman had said something along the lines of "No, it wasn't extortion. But coercion...?"


Andrew said...

Bullshit. I hate this, everyone apologizing for everything. We apparently can't have opinions anymore. The Rangers ARE drunken sailors and Selig is a an asshole.

End of story.

Selig, please don't email me and ask for an apology, you either Nolan. Y'all won't get one.

Godot said...

Wonder what Glorious Chairman DeWitt might be saying were it the Cards who got moved?

Anonymous said...

If that were the case, DeWitt would be saying something similar to what Crane is saying.

Blazemule said...

Ahhh, Selig did you feelings get hurt... you piece of shit, good for nothing coercionist. Ever think about what the city and the fans want? No, because you are a stupid faggot. Sorry that you were to fucking stupid to not move Washington to the AL when you "owned" them from Montreal or when Arizona and Tampa Bay were included in the expansion. Tampa Bay is a city as is Florida that could have been moved since Houston has seniority but no. Do not expect an apology for the true. Lance should not have to give one either for pointing out your "methods" he is just speaking out loud what 95% of the Astro's fans are thinking.

AceSmith said...

honestly a man can say what he wants if he thinks that, why do we have to apology about saying what u think? such pr bs if u ask me! hey if ur a big astros fan like me u shud check out this article i did on the top ten astros positional players as well as my review on this week!!