Friday, March 23, 2012

Everyone reacts to everything today

So what with some decent cuts being made today, Brian McTaggart has the reactions.

Mills, on Paredes not only going to OKC (where he's never played, by the by), but playing 2B:
"The staff sat down and had a long meeting about it and went through these things, and we feel it's going to be best for him, best for the organization, as we move forward."

"When Paredes was with the Yankees, he started at shortstop and he got moved to second base, and really I was trying to figure out from the time I got here why he was at third base, because he really does have all the skillset and tools to play the middle infield. It sounded to me like the decision was made to maybe accommodate other players who were moving around, like Altuve and so forth."

Johnson, on being the favorite for 3B1:
"I'm trying to not worry about it, because they haven't said, 'Yeah, you're the third baseman,' yet. When that day comes, I'll be pretty excited. That just means I have the upper hand and have to lock it in right now and just take it.

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