Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Minor league rosters

Some chatter on twitter from a few minor league players is indicating that minor league rosters may be set. We'll update as we get more information.

*Edit* So far this is what we've heard. I should note that the rosters have not been finalized, so some of this could change this weekend. Hat tip to Brooks over at The Crawfish Boxes for most of these.

Lexington - Bushue, Folty, Gouvea, Chowning, Muren, Jordan Scott. Hat tip to The Grand Old Game for Quevedo, Luis Cruz. Scooped by yours truly are Gominsky, King, Zach Johnson, Todd, Howick, Duffy, Pena, Kvasnicka, Hamblin, and DDJ.

Lancaster -Valenzuela, Mier, Kike Hernandez, Gabriel Garcia, Jorge De Leon, Streilein, Juan Minaya, George Springer, Sogard

Corpus Christi - Adam Bailey, Chris Wallace, Wates, Kreke, Hicks, Zeid

OKC - Dallas Keuchel

In addition, Ryan Cole has retired, and Justin Shults is no longer with the organization for as yet unknown reasons.


Anonymous said...

over heard from a very close source to me and him...BJ Hyatt 09 4th rounder will retire due to injury issues

Anonymous said...

Guess the organization will continue to go to great lengths to ensure that any "premium" pitching propsects will be routed around Lancaster....if a kid doesn't have the mental toughness to battle through it (and continue to pitch well in Cal League road games, like Dallas Keuchel & Jake Buchanon did), I don't really like his chances to face down batters in the big leagues...

Reuben said...

Perhaps it's also with an eye to future trade value? A bad season is a black eye on a prospect's resume, even if it was at Lan.