Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Astros' ETA for contention

Keith Law has an Insider-only post up at ESPN on when five teams can realistically expect to compete.

We don't pull much from pay-sites, but Law basically says the Astros can realistically expect to compete in 2018. Law:
Even great drafting won't give them a winning club in 2015-16, and real contention is probably two full cycles away.

In 2018:

Bud Norris will be 34; Brett Wallace, Jordan Schafer, and J.B. Shuck will be 32; J.D. Martinez will be 31; George Springer will be 30; Jose Altuve and Jarred Cosart will be 29; Jordan Lyles and Jonathan Singleton will be 28. Milo Hamilton will be 91. I'll have a 6-year old daughter, who should just be appreciating (and able to remember) the Astros' resurgence.


Reuben said...

Wow, Law sure is amusing, eh? What a ridiculous exercise. The article should just read "Who the hell knows?"

You never can predict the future in baseball anyway, and to, in advance, write off their 2012-14 drafts is just completely laughable.

I will bet Keith Law a fairly large (for me) sum of money that the Astros will have a winning record in at least one season by 2016.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Law said this during his interview with the Astros.

bgobag said...

I certainly agree with reuben. this is foolish. no one in baseball has a 6-7 year plan. you try to build a strong contending team with a good "pipeline" of developing talent where you can stay perpetually competitive but nobody knows what their team will look like that far out. we will be strong long before that.