Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Don't even hope," says ESPN

Jim Bowden, Keith Law, and Buster Olney took a look (Insider-Only) at the Future Power Rankings, based on five categories:

MAJORS (full weight): Quality of current big league roster
MINORS (full weight): Quality and quantity of prospects in their farm system
FINANCE (2/3 weight): How much money do they have to spend?
MANAGEMENT (2/3 weight): Value and stability of ownership, front office and coaching staff
MOBILITY (1/3 weight): Do they have a lot of young, cheap players, or old immovable guys?

How do the Astros shake out? 29th - ahead of only the Orioles. Here was their breakdown:

Majors: 1 (presumably 0 is the lowest score)
Minors: 8
Finances: 9
Management: 10
Mobility: 14

The slate is clean for Crane and Luhnow to build a new Houston tradition, which will probably take years.

So there you have it! If you have any hope at all, you are an idiot. Apparently.

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Hal J said...

"In time, that should upgrade the farm system, but signing some mid-level free agents to trade for prospects at the June 31 deadline would accelerate that upgrade. -- Jim Bowden"

Bowden doesn't even know when the trade deadline is(it's probably a typo but he's still an idiot). And his editor(s) aren't competent enough to catch that obvious error so I would put extremely little stock into anything ESPN says.