Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Phil Rogers saw Drayton in the French Quarter, on his cell phone

Here's a story from the Chicago Tribune's Phil Rogers, on Drayton McLane's tenure as owner of the Astros.

Among the things Rogers notes:

*You thought Selig put the squeeze on the Astros? That's nothing (apparently) compared to Drayton's wife:
Selling the Astros was widely seen as a concession from McLane to his wife. He's 75, none of his children was interested in taking over and, well, the timing was right.

Apparently, Minute Maid sucks:
Minute Maid Park is a great place to watch a game but not a great place to play one. The hitter-friendly dimensions make it a challenge to develop pitchers there.

Surely there is some data to back that up...


AstroBrit said...

lol wut. If anything MMP has been turning way way way in the other direction.

Surely Rogers, who presumably has to cover the Cubs, who do play the Astros quite a bit, should know this?

Anonymous said...

Drayton in the french quarter is kind of funny. I give the guy props for stating that the deal "probably" wouldn't have been approved without the move. Also give him props for stating that teams have to agree to the move. These facts should have been part of all reporting on the matter, but were sadly lacking in most reporting.

A minor quibble: Bogy is not set for Carlos' position in left.

Terence said...

^Saw that too.
I think it is safe to say that Brian B. will not start a single game in LF this season. Not that you would expect sports reports to know details about, you know, sport like things.