Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marty Noble is f***ing hilarious

MLB.com's Marty Noble has a bizarre mish-mash of ideas up now, where he talks about the things baseball fans can start to get excited about, now that January is over halfway over:

Darvish's five-start shutout streak, the Indians' 13-game lead in the American League Central, the Astros' 11th victory, Pujols' hitting streak reaching 46 games, the Royals' run of 16 victories in 22 games, Stephen Strasburg's 0.93 ERA, Bobby Valentine's third skirmish, the Astros' 12th victory, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau in the same batting order for the 106th time, the Mets' first no-hitter (by Johan Santana), Jose Bautista's four-home run game, the Brewers' third two-game winning streak, J.J. Putz's 50th save, a Steve Bartman sighting at Wrigley, Josh Johnson's ninth shutout ...

A few paragraphs later, Noble is still going; and by the time he's done, the Astros are all the way up to 17 victories! And I thought bloggers were supposed to be the unprofessional ones.