Monday, January 9, 2012

A geographic breakdown of the No Bagwell contingent

So I have spent the past hour and a half fuming, and decided to plot the writers who are listed as Nays on Bagwell-to-the-HOF (compiled from LeoKitty and the BBWAA lists) on a Google Earth map. The placemarks aren't their addresses, just reflecting of the cities where the writer is based. Here's what I found... (click the image to enlarge)

But this isn't telling the whole story. Take a closer look at the Chicago Bloc:

Seriously? Nine writers from Chicago didn't think that Bagwell is a Hall of Famer? What the hell? Did Bagwell piss in the river, or ruin the St. Patrick's Day Parade?


Baseball Trivia Challenge said...

Interesting to say the least. Are those Chicago BB writers STILL smarting over Bagwell's frequent pounding of the Cubs? I thought the New York writers/voters would be drooling over Mattingly and Bernie Williams and ignore Baggy.
Both are big cities and likely have a lot of votes.
Hopefully the third time's a charm.

Anonymous said...

Probably holding him to the same standards other will hold Sammy Sosa too?