Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Astros sign Tomas Lopez

Via DPL Baseball, the Astros have signed 17-year old 6'3" 190lb RHP Tomas Lopez for $70,000 (Update: DPL Baseball responded to a question to clarify that Tomas Perez is 18 years old).

DPL Baseball:
Lopez throws from a High ¾ arm slot with fastball velocity at 90-91(92), he shows flashes of a solid Curveball with tight rotation and his changeup is deceptive with movement down in the zone.

Update: The Astros have also signed 16-year old RHP Carlos Vasquez and 17-year old Edward Santana.

Felix Francisco, on Santana:
“He’s not a big power guy right now and more of a guy you can project will hit 15-20 home runs. His power will come with time, but he does have good bat speed and good extension.”