Monday, December 5, 2011

What the Astros expect from their three remaining trade pieces

Jon Heyman tweeted about what the Astros are planning/expecting from the Winter Meetings, should any deals be made:

-They're willing to eat most of Carlos Lee's contract.
-They expect to get a good return from Wandy and Myers.

If you're wondering how much money the Astros should be eating to get rid of Carlos Lee, you're thinking about it wrong. It's not your money, and saving $3m (this means the Astros would still pay Carlos Lee $16m to not play for them) is better than wasting $19m. Still, how much would you expect the Astros to take on, should they be able to find a taker for Lee?

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Anonymous said...

I'd say about 12 mil, as 7 mil seems to be a fair price for Carlos. That being said, I am still a fan that cares about at least TRYING to field a watchable team, and it doesn't seem like Wallace is up to the task. I guess I could stomach JD at first and Shuck in left, but don't know about JD's knees.