Wednesday, December 7, 2011


It's not as exciting as someone being interested in Carlos Lee, but the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo just tweeted:

Houston has fielded interest by a few teams on Brett Myers but need to pick up some money.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious what the hurry is to trade guys like Myers (apart from his suckiness that is). What benefit would there be to the team? Because he's making a decent amount, the trade return would likely be paltry.

That leaves saving money as the only real incentive. And I see no reason to assume that saved dough would be used to improve the club at any level. So why should I as a fan give a crap?

Not meant to sound hostile, just curious.

Astros County said...

You do bring up a good point. Ultimately, the trading of both Myers and Wandy - should it happen - will come about 18 months too late. Their respective values were never as high as they were at the trading deadline in 2010. Myers was killing it, and only had about $2m left on his contract before free agency. And Wandy had a friendly contract, as well.

But that all changed when Ed Wade not only didn't trade them, but extended them to big(-ish) contracts.

For me, the allure of trading both is that they'll bring in prospects. The level of prospects is to be determined, but if the Astros are going to lose 100 games in 2012 with Myers and Wandy, why not go ahead and trade them, lose 115 games, but try to stock up for the future?

This off-season, and even the 2012 season, is not W-L in 2012. It's about what happens in 2013/2014 and beyond. The Astros won't be good with either of them in the rotation, so trade them, and get better down the road.

That's one reason you should care, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I wish I had more faith in the rebuild. Thanks for responding.