Monday, December 19, 2011

The most unbelievable believable thing you'll read all night

Richard Justice a hot little rumor:

Hearing former Astros GM Ed Wade will end up back with Phillies as a scout

There are simply too many jokes that I can't pick just one.

Update: You know, the joke actually makes itself. No need for another one.


AGirlintheSouth said...

That's actually the MOST believable thing I've read all night. ;D I'm not completely sure he ever stopped working for them....but as a scout? bwahahahaha.

Jdubbs said...

and its offical, Ed Wade is a scout for the Phillies. As horrible as he was with drafting and signing free agents, he did wonders with the waiver pickups and I liked his trades with the Phillies. I still have ace written all over Costart and 30/100 on Singleton.. Hopefully Springer can be up in that range too

Anonymous said...

Like she said...did he ever really stop working for the Phillies?

Reuben said...

1. Wade got Bourn in the Lidge deal. Risky at the time, but count that a win for the Astros.

2. He got Villar, who still may end up a good-to-great player, and Happ, and Wallace- for Oswalt and $11 mil or so. OK trade, probably should have gotten more especially for the cash he threw in.

3. For Pence- a likable guy, but an over-hyped, erratic player, he got Singleton, Cosart, Santana, and Zeid. Looks pretty good to me, although supposedly one or more teams felt they offered better packages than the Phillies.

All in all, not bad. if anything I would've expected him to get a job with the Braves after he let them steal world-class CF Bourn for 4 guys unlikely to ever have the same impact.