Monday, January 2, 2012

Bagwell Hall of Fame Scorecard

So let's try to keep a running list of whom is and isn't voting for Jeff Bagwell for the Hall of Fame in 2012, shall we? And, many thanks to those of you sending in the articles you find! Special note: Thanks to Citizen Bill for pointing out this link, aggregating all ballots.

(Last update: Jan 2 - 7:00 AM)

Quick Tally: 63 ballots "counted"
38 ballots "Yes"
25 ballots "No"

Total ballot percentage: 60.3%
Total ballot percentage needed: 75%

Bagwell's in

Peter Abraham, Phil Arvia, Andrew Baggarly, Peter Botte, Steve Buckley, Ron Chimelis, Tim Cowlishaw, Ken Davidoff, Tony DiMarco, John Erardi, Jeff Fletcher, Peter Gammons, Teddy Greenstein, Richard Griffin, Mike Imren, Phil Jackman, Tim Kawakami, Bob Klapisch, Dave Krieger, Thom Loverro, Jack McCaffery, Sean McClelland, John McGrath, Bruce Miles, Jim Molony, Jose de Jesus Ortiz, Joe Posnanski, Tracy Ringolsby, Phil Rogers, Ken Rosenthal, Chaz Scoggins, Mike Silverman, Bob Smizik, Larry Stone, T.R. Sullivan, John Tomase, Mike Vaccaro, David Wilhelm

Bagwell's out

Mel Antonen, Barry Bloom, Bob Brookover, Garry Brown, Tom Dienhart, Chris Elsberry, Mark Gonzales, Evan Grant, Scot Gregor, Philip Hersh, John Heyman (allegedly), Jeff Jacobs, Fred Klein, Dave Lariviere, Ron Kroichick, Fred Mitchell, Mike Nadel, Bob Nightengale, Mike Puma, Mike Purdy, Barry Rozner, Jeff Schultz, Tom Singer, Paul Sullivan, Dave Van Dyck,