Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Astros trying to get Red Sox to take Wandy, Myers

Gordon Edes says that the Astros are trying to get the Red Sox all excited about Wandy and Brett Myers:

The Astros have tried to interest the Red Sox in pitchers Wandy Rodriguez and Brett Myers, but have been told the price for both s too high. Houston would probably take some money back on Myers, who is due to make $11 million in 2012.

I'm guessing that Brett Myers wouldn't be overly thrilled about playing at Fenway since, you know, he reportedly said, "I don't ever want to pitch in Boston again."

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to trade Myers yet. He pitched GREAT in first year here and sucked pretty bad last year. I think he suffered from a sophmore-ish slump after coming back from a injury and pitching 200+ innings in his first full year back. Last year was a fluke and if we hold on to him until the trade deadline I think his trade value will be worlds better.

Wandys value probably won't get much higher and his contract is on par with the performance he gives, but if we want prospects (top prospects that is), we're gonna have to eat some of that payroll.