Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NBC Bay Area doesn't think Bud Norris is funny, gets personal

So the guy from NBC Bay Area is kind of a douche, because he apparently loves all the Brian Wilson exposure, thanks to Taco Bell.

In the linked article, he lists the potential comebacks for Brian Wilson (who apparently isn't clever enough to come up with his own):

1. Your name is Bud, Bud.
2. You pitch for the Astros, Bud.
3. Are you in any commercials, Bud?
4. Have you even met Charlie Sheen, Bud?
5. You know you're only seeing the commercials because you don't know what the postseason is, right, Bud?
6. I can't hear you, my 2010 World Series ring is shining too brightly in my ears, Bud.
7. Please call me if anyone will pay you for something other than baseball, Bud.
8. Look at my beard. Now look away. Now look back at my beard. Bud.
9. U MAD, BUD?

There are probably plenty more, but you get the point. Brian Wilson > Bud Norris.

I guess they haven't been listening to KTRH.