Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brian Wilson = Third Eye Blind

When I was in high school, Third Eye Blind was the shiz. I liked their songs, because I was in high school, and didn't know any better. But then something happened. Houston radio played them over and over and over and over and over again. I got tired of Third Eye Blind. I even hated them. I sighed with relief when Smashmouth opened for U2 at the Astrodome, because Third Eye Blind had opened for U2 previously on the tour and I desperately did not want that. We in Houston were not as lucky as San Antonio, who actually got Rage Against the Machine opening for U2. That's just not fair.

Still, Bud Norris questioned:
Does Brian Wilson play baseball or work in Hollywood? I can't tell but his Taco Bell commercials are a joke.

Everyone knows TBS sucks, because you're sick and tired of hearing about the two things they're promoting all during the post-season. And I mean ALL DURING THE POSTSEASON. Still, to call out Brian Wilson for how often his commercial is on is silly. It's not his fault that TBS shows the same commercial ad nauseum. He filmed it once (you know what I mean). It's out of his hands at this point. Can't call him out on it.