Friday, October 7, 2011

Andrew Friedman sure doesn't sound like a guy who wants to leave

The St. Petersburg Times' Marc Topkin has a story on Rays' GM Andrew Friedman, amid speculation that the Cubs and/or Astros may make a run at him.

"As an organizational philosophy, we don't comment on rumors and speculation in any part of our business; there's no reason to. My focus is on taking the learnings from the 2011 season and rolling them into the (Rays') 2012 team."

Really, though, why would he leave Tampa?


Anonymous said...

"Really, though, why would he leave Tampa?"

To resurrect his hometown team from the shallow grave of mediocrity, perhaps? Possibly to be revered by a fanbase much larger than the one he currently works for. Maybe because he won't have to compete with the Yanks and Sox here. In all likelihood though, if he leaves St Pete, it will be for money. These moves always are. Everything else is icing on the cake. I don't see it happening, but there are reasons for him to leave.

Brian West said...

Serious money might do the trick.

Anonymous said...

With the draft he just had, there probably won't be a better system in baseball. That coupled with the fact that their front office is "like a family", there's no real reason to leave. The only way I can see it happen is if his dad and his group of investors are the winners of the Astros sale. Working for his dad AND a nice pile of money might do it.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand these Kenny Friedman rumors. I know he's in charge of Houston's stadium authority, but where would he get $680 million to buy the Astros? I doubt Kenny Friedman is worth more than $5 or $10 million. Anyone know the deal?

Anonymous said...

It was said that behind Crane there were other investors and that Friedman was leading a group himself.