Thursday, October 20, 2011

Andrew Friedman met with the Angels

Those of you in favor of the Astros throwing money at Andrew Friedman to join the Houston Astros of Houston now have a new bidder, The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Smilin' Ken Rosenthal:
Source: #Rays GM Friedman is #Angels' top choice. Met with #Angels execs Moreno and Carpino, as first reported by DRaysbay.

Great. So, should this deal go through, and the Astros get moved to the AL, we've got Ed Wade busting brains with Andrew Friedman, Jon Daniels, Jack Zdfuhfoweuhertrieonck, and Billy Beane. That sounds fair.

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Brian West said...

If Selig waited until Friedman signed somewhere else before allowing the vote on Crane, that would really rock.

Crane lost out on getting Theo Epstien. Maybe he can also lose out on Andrew Friedman.

Crane's consolidation prize from Selig can then be a move to the AL West!!!

This could be a screw job of historic proportions.