Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good God, Philly. Try to sugar-coat it a little

It's either a cautionary tale to Vance Worley, or a Chacon-type choke slam of J.A. Happ. I can't tell. Matt Gelb brings some noise to Happ:

Before Vance Worley, there was J.A. Happ.

He was a rookie in 2009, the unexpected jolt to a Phillies rotation that needed one. Happ won 12 games, posted a 2.93 ERA, and tossed two shutouts. Two years later, he is one of the worst pitchers in baseball, toiling in the obscurity that is life as a Houston Astro.

Gelb goes on to ask Happ why he sucks, and then shows that 2011 Worley is a lot like 2009 Happ. Anyone else feel like throwing batteries at Happ?