Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Astros don't unleash the beast

Remember when Wesley Wright left Wrigley on a stretcher because of dehydration, and we assumed that perhaps it could have been because it was 351 degrees and Cooper let him throw 51 pitches?

Apparently, it's because Wright drank "several cans of Red Bull" before coming out of the bullpen. And the Astros can't have that. So they have kinda sorta banned energy drinks.

Ed Wade:
"We've had a couple of issues regarding dehydration, and our people think they can be traced to misuse, overuse of energy drinks. It just seemed that we shouldn't be creating an environment where we're almost facilitating the effects of dehydration."

It can't be that Wright was a 24-year old kid, and 24-year olds are looking for something, anything to drink too much of. Like Red Bull. Or Yuengling. So the Astros and Diamondbacks don't provide energy drinks anymore. What's next? Carlos Lee forces the Astros to ban Corn Nuts?