Friday, July 31, 2009

Wright didn't want the gurney

Wesley Wright described the process of him being rolled out of the clubhouse on a gurney, loaded up in an ambulance with sirens wailing, and being taken to the hospital:

“That ambulance was a scary part for me, hearing the sirens and being taken out on the gurney. I didn't really want to get on the gurney, but I didn't have a choice. That kind of I think amplified the situation with them having to rush me out on the gurney, having everybody move and having it at the end of the game. That kind of put me in a little bit of a shock. I had been kind of nauseous the whole day. After I came out of the game, it really all kind of hit me. I was having trouble breathing and I came inside and started getting chills and a little bit of body cramps. I had never really had any dehydration problems like that before in my life. So all the symptoms were really new for me.”

LaHawk traveled in the ambulance with Wright, too. Because he was, you know, going that way.
Erstad isn't in a hurry to recover from his hammy injury.

“He hasn't done a whole lot yet. It's tough to do a lot of extra stuff here other than go out and run and throw and stuff like that.”

Erstad, who has doing some slow jogging:
"It's a progression you have to make until the strength gets back. Just follow the program.”
And we also see that Norris will start for Oswalt on Sunday if Roy can't go.

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