Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2008 Bourn was one of the worst of the last 50 years

Baseball-Reference has a blog post looking at the worst everyday players of the last 50 years*, and Michael Bourn was one of them.

(* Most plate appearances in a season since 1961 by a player with an OPS+ of 60 or worse, provided that they didn't play at least half their games at 2B, SS, or C)

Michael Bourn's 2008 season - where he hit .229/.288/.300 in 514 PAs - made the Top 20. Glad we could work out those kinks for you, Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

Why is Bourn's 2008 stats of any importance??? This site has been getting worse lately.

Y U No A+nonymous? said...

Perhaps it are not the site that has been getting worse. Maybe you have transcended above the level of this site??? I resolve to follow your lead! My eyes is being opened!

Why are any of this important???

Holy Crap! I'm wasting my life away! Isn't there more important things I could be doing? There is starving children dying everyday! Great diseases that need cures! And we're sitting here talking about baseball??? What kind of monsters is we???

I say, Fans of the Astros rise up! Turn your back on such unimportance! Abandon your fandom and refocus your life! Solve great mysteries! Correct the evils of the world! Fight for justice! Obey your parents! Strive for correct subject verb agreement! Rabble Rabble Rabble! They took our jobs!