Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1st Annual J. Fred Duckett Houston Media Award

With tonight's game against the Cardinals, the regular season will come to a swift, merciful end, and we can - with gratitude - turn our backs on 2011 and pay attention to 2012. So let's have a poll: Who do you felt (in print) did the best job covering the Astros in 2011? The winner will actually get a nice little JPG certificate, and perhaps even a Starbucks giftcard.

Who is J. Fred Duckett? That, my friends, was the first PA announcer for the Colt .45s.

On to the poll:


FireDrayton said...

J. Fred Duckett was a Houston and Rice sports legend as a PA guy and general historian. He coined "Jose Cruuuuuuuuuz" at the Dome and "It's a beautiful day for outdoor football" at Rice Stadium. He was also a longtime history teacher at Awty International School, where taught me and my brothers and cousins. He passed away in 2007. Here are a couple good reads on his life and contributions to the Houston sports landscape:

John Royal said...

J. Fred was a very good man who did the Dome PA until Drayton took over the Astros and he was phased out. I got to know him while I worked on the Dome DiamondVision.

Anonymous said...

May God have mercy on the poor souls of anyone who voted for Justice.

Anyway, I've never (knowingly) read any of John Royal's work. I'll have to look up some of his pieces.

Blazemule said...

I like Brian McTaggart's work but it was so few and far between, how about more articles or insight. Otherwise I voted Levine, he did a great job filling in for the other two clowns and actually took it a step further and became a good journalist for the Astros. I still think Astros County and Crawfish Boxes were by far the most info that I got about the Astros, thank you guys immensely!

Anonymous said...

Levine, hands down. Quality reporting with a healthy dose of humor. Honest perspective on the team without ever getting bitchy. Campbell also did plenty of good work.

McTaggart had some really good pieces on the minors this year (quotes from Fred Nelson, etc.), but there isn't much to say about the rest of his work. Sadly, it's been much the same story with Footer this season.

Justice is Justice. He knows the right people, has all the good stories, and consistently fails to deliver any measure of insight.

Stephen Goff deserves a mention. He obviously put in a ton of effort to deliver quality information, particularly on the draft and on the farm, to a pretty small (and very grateful) readership. I hope he gets more recognition in the future. I'd put him ahead of everyone but Levine in terms of this season's coverage.