Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some of these new guys could see Minute Maid Park before the end of the year

In Brian McTaggart's off-day article, the Astros are excited - of course - about all the prospects they got in the Keppinger, Pence, and Bourn deals. Some of them, among may be in whatever colors the Astros are in that day by the end of the year.

It's not beyond the realm of possibility that one or two of them get to the big leagues this year before the end of the season. We've clearly indicated we're prepared to be aggressive getting players to the big leagues, and there are a number of players in these deals who have a chance to get here, not only quickly, but quickly and play significant roles at the big league level."


Anonymous said...

What the heck is everyone so excited about Schafer for.... A Career .223 hitter!!!!!!!! 3 HR???
Johnson and Wallace kill his numbers. Do they think we are stupid?

Anonymous said...

Johnson and Wallace play corner infield positions... So... Duh.

Terence said...

If you are describing baseball skills solely by one's ability to hit HR's, then yes, we all think you're stupid. Schafer can do something that CJ and Wallace can not do and that is run fast in the outfeild and catch flyballs. Last time I checked Michael Bourn was quite beloved around here and he has hit 3 HR's in his last 1200 AB's. Schafer has 3 in only 415 ML AB's. (And Wallace only has 4 in 360 ML AB's this season)

I'm not defending Ed Wade's trade return for Michael Bourn. We really should have gotten one of the Brave's young starting pitchers. However to say that Johnson and Wallace kill Schafer, is to turn a bretty blind eye to what all of these players have actually done in the Major Leagues.

I also think the post was referring more to some of the pitchers we received (like Sosa, Zeid, Oberholtzer, and Clemens ) then Schafer (who we all know will be up whenever he gets healthy).