Friday, August 19, 2011

Schafer doesn't think his finger will actually heal until December

Jordan Schafer, on a rehab assignment in OKC, sees some pain in his forecast:

“It's still swollen pretty bad. It's probably going to be swollen until December. But as long as I can swing and throw, I am going to try to play.”

And he certainly has that possessive down:
“Obviously it's a lot different coming from Atlanta. You are used to winning there mostly every day. We are playing with a bunch of 23-, 24- and 25-year old kids. You are going to go through your growing pains, and you are going to take your lumps.

“I think we are trying to find our identity a little bit here. I think it's going to take a little bit. Our front office and our fans have to be patient. We have just so many young guys who are just trying to find their way right now and get their foot in the door and trying to show everybody that they belong here.”